Makarius Consulting offers a variety of services for businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

Management Advisory Services:  Small businesses are often faced with limited time, resources, and capital.  As your company grows, you begin to need new capabilities, but not enough to justify hiring full time employees to meet these needs.  Makarius Consulting can help you bridge that gap, providing outside assistance in a wide-range of areas to give you the knowledge and capabilities your business needs.

Business Plans:  At the heart of every business is a plan; a vision for the growth and development of the company.  The completed plan is an invaluable because it can be used as an aid in raising capital and as a tool to guide employees.  In addition, the process of creating a plan enables entrepreneurs to vet various ideas, consider & research the market, and assess & prioritize strategic ideas. 

Makarius Consulting works with your business to articulate, discuss, and evaluate these different factors, gathers research, and creates an easy to read business plan that the client can share with employees and investors.

Financial Models:  One of the greatest problems start-up and small businesses have is that of financing.  Those who have capital need a clearly defined budget to manage it.  Those without capital need a clear plan of their financial needs so that they can seek financing from angel investors, venture capital firms and banks.  Makarius Consulting works with your team to develop in-depth financial models and/or budgets to meet these needs. 

Strategic Advising:  Many entrepreneurs have a great idea, but are uncertain how best to commercialize it.  Others have a profitable business, but know the company has greater potential and should be growing faster.  Developing a strong corporate strategy is vital to the continued success of any business and can help you achieve your potential.  Makarius Consulting works with clients to develop the corporate strategy that is right for their product/service, industry, and stage in their life-cycle.  By working with clients to honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses, a plan is developed that reflects not only what the company should be doing, but how the company can achieve those goals.

Transaction Management & Negotiation Support: Transactions range in size and complexity depending greatly on type.  A simple product sale frequently involves only the buyer and the seller, while a corporate acquisition could involve the buyer, seller, both parties’ legal counsel, and both parties’ financial advisors.  When dealing with these more complex transactions, having a single point of contact that handles much of the business term negotiation on your behalf and manages the flow of information and documents can be an invaluable asset.  This single point of contact not only simplifies the transfer of information, but also shows a unified front to the parties on the opposite side of the table.  Makarius Consulting can provide this service in an objective manner that helps balance legal, business, and financial considerations. 

Training: Many entrepreneurs are experts on their industry, technology, or service, but have little or no background in starting or operating their business.  Makarius Consulting offers training in a variety of business and finance related topics to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Whether your goal is to learn how to start a business, how to develop a corporate strategy, or how to understand and manage corporate finance, Makarius Consulting can help.