The Value of Consultants

Many large companies retain management consultants to help them find ways to improve their business.  Outside consultants can provide valuable insight regarding how to grow revenues, reduce overhead, or otherwise optimize a company's performance. These consultants can approach the company's challenges with a fresh set of eyes and ideas that aren't colored by being entrenched in doing things "the way they have always been done."  In addition, getting an honest appraisal of the problems from a company's staff is easier to achieve as an outsider, allowing employees to speak in complete confidence.

Unfortunately, it is cost prohibitive for most small or mid-sized companies to retain large consulting firms to provide this sort of guidance.  These firms also rarely have have any experience working with the unique challenges faced by smaller companies.  

Michael Makarius has been providing management and strategy consulting experience to small and medium sized businesses since 2004.  He has worked with companies across numerous industries including new media/internet, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy.